Our Findings

Following the exciting academic research that links the consumption of dark, pigmented fruits to an improve complexion, we embarked on our very own trail to see just how much eating stone fruit has a positive impact on your appearance.

The South African Stone Fruit Winter Beauty Challenge took place in November 2011. 64 women agreed to eat one plum and one nectarine every day for a fortnight. Here are some of the results:


What our panel said

“I felt good about eating the plums and nectarines and would recommend it to anyone. They are small and easy to get through and I felt ‘cleansed’ somehow”
“My complexion felt more ‘peach like’; all in all I enjoyed the two week trial”
“I did find the fruit a lovely change and found my skin improving throughout the fortnight and I also felt better within myself. I also found that my skin was less saggy. Yipee!”
“I do believe it made my complexion less pallid and made my skin smoother and softer. At this time of year the weather can do harsh things to your skin but mine looked and felt great.”

Do your own South African Stone Fruit Winter Beauty Challenge

Chef and author Sophie Michell demonstrates some simple yet inspiring recipes using South African plums, peaches and nectarines.

Sophie Michell prepares roast pork loin with warm plum and ginger chutney   Winter Sweetness cookery demonstration with Sophie Michell

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